Conference Programme

*This Programme is Subject to Change*

  • 08:00
    Registration, Coffee & Networking
  • 09:15
    Chair's Opening Comments
  • 09:20
    Priority Areas for the NHS – Commissioning for Quality and Innovation 2022/2023

    Outlining the NHS priority areas with a focus upon those that will impact the management of deteriorating conditions and explains why those areas have been identified as priorities.

    Speaker Invited From: NHS England

  • 09:40
    Harnessing the Power of Advanced Diagnostics

    Examine the NHS investment in Diagnostics and benefits to patients and practitioners.

  • 10:00
    Digital Transformation – From Diagnosis to Discharge

    Discussing the progress of digital transformation within the NHS, the aims to improve patient management and possibilities for community health delivery.

    Speaker Invited From: NHS Digital Board, People and Transition Committee and NHS England

  • 10:20
    Sepsis – The Landscape for Research and Development.

    Speaker Invited From: Patient Safety Imperial College Health Partners

  • 10:40
    Identifying Deterioration
  • 11;00
    Q & A
  • 11:15
    Morning Coffee & Networking
  • 11:45
    Workshop 1: To Be Confirmed
  • 11:45
    Workshop 2: To Be Confirmed
  • 11:45
    Workshop 3: To Be Confirmed
  • 12:25
    Afternoon Lunch & Networking
  • 13:25
    Workshop 4: To Be Confirmed
  • 13:25
    Workshop 5: To Be Confirmed
  • 13:25
    Workshop 6: To Be Confirmed
  • 14:05
  • 14:15
    Workshop 7: The recognition of the deteriorating patient in the out-of-hospital environment

    This will give an overview of spotting the sickest patients in the out-of-hospital environment. This presentation will cover some of the challenges i.e. and absence of diagnostics and a short timeframe, and identify some top tips in recognising our sickest patients.

  • 14:15
    Workshop 8: Respiratory Infections – Advances in Detection and Treatment

    Speaker Invited From: Association of Respiratory Nurse Specialists

  • 14:15
    Workshop 9: The Peripheral Arterial Disease Quality Improvement Programme

    Speaker Confirmed From: Vascular Society

  • 14:45
    Afternoon Coffee & Networking
  • 15:55
    Cardiovascular research for heart failure and coronary disease.

    Speaker Invited From: British Heart Foundation

  • 16:15
    Q & A
  • 16:30
    Closing Remarks

*This Programme is Subject to Change*

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