Momentum Bioscience

Momentum Bioscience

Momentum Bioscience is focused on developing rapid tests for bloodstream infection in patients suspected of sepsis.

SepsiSTAT® is our direct-from-blood, rapid screening technology, providing actionable results for suspected sepsis patients.

SepsiSTAT® contains our three proprietary capabilities:

  1. Sensitive and universal microbial capture
  2. Universal detection of viable microorganisms
  3. Organism profiling

Only by using Momentum’s proprietary universal pathogen capture, detection & identification capabilities can all patients suspected of sepsis expect actionable results for bloodstream infection in <3 hours.  Not days.

This will have a significant impact on patient management, the management of antibiotics and help mitigate the problem of increasing antimicrobial resistance.

Momentum is seeking partners for joint commercialisation.

Contact Information:

10 Fenlock Court,
Blenheim Office Park,
Long Hanborough,
OX29 8LN

Tel:      +44 (0)2921 677 910

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