Kenny Ajayi

Time: 09:50AM – 10:10AM 

Presentation Title: System Problem; System Thinking; System Solution: Building the Bacterial Infection and Sepsis (BIS) Insights Dashboard & Panel Debate

Brief presentation description:

Following the success of the Suspicion of Sepsis Insights Dashboard, the tool has evolved into an even more powerful technology called the Bacterial Infection and Sepsis (BIS) Insights Dashboard . The BIS Insights Dashboard which has improved functionality is designed to provide FAST, ACCURATE, and TARGETED data to assist clinicians with quality improvement and to achieve better outcomes with sepsis and bacteria infections. This presentation focuses on the narrative of the exciting development with the dashboard in the last year and provides a preview of the year ahead.

Brief biography:

Kenny is the Programme Director for Patient Safety at Imperial College Health Partners (ICHP). His role involves driving change and innovation in patient safety across the health and social care system in North West London.  Prior to joining ICHP, he was a director in a consultancy providing risk management services to the NHS.

Kenny’s professional interests lie in system leadership and integration; capability building and developing engagement and partnerships across boundaries to achieve systemwide innovation and impact on patient safety. Recently, Kenny led a national collaboration that developed the award winning Suspicion of Sepsis Insights Dashboard (now called the Bacterial Infection and Sepsis Dashboard) which is now being spread nationally.

Earlier in his career, Kenny was a physiotherapist and later held roles in clinical ergonomics and human factors. He has masters degrees in ergonomics/human factors and also in Integrated Governance in Healthcare.

Speaker Details
  • Programme Director for Patient Safety, Imperial College Health Partners (ICHP)